Your Guide To Buying Jeans

Your Guide To Buying Jeans


LBD, Killers Heels – fact is, there are certain staples every woman should have in her wardrobe. The perfect jeans are one of these go-to items, arguably the most important. After all, jeans are probably the most worn item of apparel hanging in your wardrobe, a staple that you demand to transition cool and effortlessly from day to night (in a way that you don’t demand of your other clothes). But, before you panic about this quest for the perfect holy grail of jeans, read our guide to picking a denim that not only works hard to fit well, but also serves to flatter.

Check out our guide to buying jeans, including everything you need to look for from wash to length, to jeans that keep your junk in the trunk. 


1. Perfectly Proportioned

Repeat out loud: the jeans that are ‘perfect’ to your best friend, are not, necessarily, going to be perfect to you.

We all have different body shapes and while your go-to jean brand may claim to represent your waist-size, it doesn’t take into account your body shape. Coco Cooper is unique in that we grade not just by adding inches, but by adding proportion. So stop putting such low expectations on your jeans to JUST fit well, and start demanding that they flatter.

Ask: Does the denim create a silhouette I am proud of? Do I feel good in these?


2. Leg Shape and Length

Ok, we hate to play by the rules but there are some tried and trusted guidelines when it comes to leg shape and length.

You have long legs and are slim – Best with skinny or straight leg jeans.

You have short legs and are slim - Look for a classic cut straight leg, that gives the illusion of a skinny but helps lengthen legs

You have short legs and are pear-shaped - Seek out boot cuts, especially if you are pear shaped since a slight kick, will even out wider hips.

The rules on cropped - Girls who best suit a deliberate Capri-length jean are tall girls who can afford for their legs to, optically, lose a few inches. Or the petite gal who needs a shorter inseam for a perfect fit. 


3. Wash

One fashion rule applies with washing - the darker the color, the more slimming they will be. If it’s important to you to give the illusion of your legs and thighs appearing slimmer, then seek out very dark washes.


4. Rise

The rise of your jeans (also known as the waist position) is all about your personal relationship with your stomach and hips. If you don’t want your hips on display when you bend down, then opt for a high-rise. If you are blessed with a stomach that doesn’t mind a bit of attention, then look for a low-rise. A mid-rise is the middle ground and lends itself wonderful to tucking in tops and having attention drawn with belt. We at Coco Cooper pride ourselves on offering beautifully cut mid-rise jeans that offer modesty when moving but are also totally modern and on-point.


5. Stretch

The amount of stretch in a jean is important to your comfort levels but also necessary to how well a style performs. Too little stretch and you won’t be able to move comfortably. Too much and you risk the curse of saggy knees and bottoms. Coco Cooper jeans come with an optimum 2% of stretch – just enough movement, without the sag.

And there you have it, your guide to buying jeans. Er, the perfect pair of jeans.

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