Slow Fashion Brands: 5 Reasons to Shop Quality over Quantity

Slow Fashion Brands: 5 Reasons to Shop Quality over Quantity


Slow Fashion Brands: 5 Reasons to Shop Quality over Quantity

The slow fashion revolution is frequently referenced as an anti-establishment movement which champions the need to own less and, therefore, put less pressure on the supply chain. The movement has been active since 2008 but lately it was given a pretty loud voice as more and more slow fashion brands pop up with a strong focus on sustainability, quality and a supply chain which is considerate of everything it touches (including workers and the environment). 


What is Slow Fashion?

To understand slow fashion and slow fashion brands, it’s best to explore its nemesis; fast fashion. A typical fast fashion model sees designers unleash collections at Fashion Weeks, promoting a whole host of high-street inspired collections which are mass produced at bargain prices, each retailer racing to get garments to the shop floor first. To entice consumers to buy more than they actually NEED, WANT is created with low price points. Then, just as wardrobes have been updated, the fashion world announces a new season and sets about creating more want. The fact is, the fast fashion model serves to create a sense of being unfulfilled by putting consumers on a hamster wheel of not being happy with their lot.


On the contrary, in the slow fashion movement, the consumer is charged with the responsibility of valuing their own possessions and refusing to conform to a whole cycle that promotes consumption and the need for more. Of course, this, in turn, means that designers are responsible for creating interesting clothes in beautiful fabrics, with unique shapes and with a guaranteed shelf-life way longer than your typical fast fashion garment!


The Benefits

The benefits of slow fashion are immediately significant, but if you aren’t already converted let us tell you why you should already be shopping with slow fashion brands.


1. No pressure on the supply chain

Can you imagine the complexity of a fast fashion supply chain which attempts to bring garments to the shop floor just weeks after they appear on the runway? Not just in terms of the environment, but also on the workers who are often overworked and underpaid. When you buy from a slow fashion brand, you are assured that non-seasonal garments are the product of a much gentler (non-immediate) supply chain that is humane to everyone involved.


 2. Slow fashion can be easier on the wallet

We won’t lie, slow fashion brands often come with a premium price tag because of the ‘pay fair’ ethos embedded into their supply chain. However, research shows that very often slow fashion garments are frequently worn more than throw-away fast fashion garments since they have a longer shelf life. Not only this, but slow fashion garments are non-seasonal – meaning they look great all year. When this is broken into cost-per-wears, more often than not – the slow fashion brand works out cheaper (because you wear it more).


3. You get a higher-quality product

If slow fashion brands aren’t competing with fast fashion, what are their unique selling points? Quality, quality, and more quality! Slow fashion brands endeavor to bring the consumer products that last as long as possible. This is made possible because of high-quality fabrics, perfect fits, and production methods with aren’t rushed.


4. Less landfill 

Ever thought about the shelf life of fast fashion garments? Usually, the lifespan is just months and then they have to go somewhere. Too often than not this is landfill! Slow fashion garments, on the other hand, are proven to have a much longer shelf-life and are, therefore, kinder on the environment.


 5. Better for the ecosystem

The growing demands of consumers for fast fashion has put our world into a state of jeopardy. The constant ‘want’ for new clothes with short lead-times has already contributed to the depletion of the world’s natural resources including fresh water reservoirs and fossil fuels. However, a slow fashion brand is fully aware of their environmental impact and even accountable – putting less pressure on the environment by opting for less production.


Above all, the slow fashion movement involves taking the time to really craft a high-quality garment that serves to pay respect to everyone who comes into contact with it – particularly you, the customer! 

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