7 Things To Do With Old Jeans To Make Them New Again

7 Things To Do With Old Jeans To Make Them New Again
We are confident that your Coco Cooper denim will last you a long time but we also know that unforeseeable events might determine that your jeans are no longer fit for wear, or perhaps you just want to get creative with a pair of old jeans. Whatever the reason, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to repurpose your denim, long after they serve their original purpose. Here is our ultimate guide on things to do with old jeans, whatever your skill level.

Patch It Up

Sometimes wear and tear is inevitable with frequent washes and wears. However, if your denim has shown signs of rips it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be thrown out – not when this season’s biggest denim trend is all about ‘rip and repair’. Sew in a patch underneath or over the rips to add a cool and creative look to your jeans.  One of the simplest things to do with old jeans!


Evolve with Embroidery

Over time, what was a trusty old denim can be subject to some fade and you might think it lacks some depth as sandblasting and wash detailing disappears. Why not provoke your love again by adding some colorful embroidery over the pocket edges?  Plus, if your denim really is on its last legs, you could cut the denim into shorts and pimp with embroidery for a truly bohemian summer vibe.


Pretty with Paint

If you are blessed with a steady hand and some artistic flair, why not brighten up your jeans with hand-drawings. With fabric paint, the world is your oyster. There are a million things to do with old jeans with a little color and a paintbrush. For inspiration, see here.


Lovely Lace

Lace on denim is a trend that pops up frequently so customizing your denim with it is always going to be a good idea. The best part of it all is that lace doesn’t have to come at an expense – lots of denim enthusiasts are getting creative with lingerie trims and even dollies. Get inspired here.


Lose the Legs!

If you’ve grown tired of your trusty old jeans, why not repurpose them into denim shorts? This is particularly brilliant for jeans which might experience wear in the knee department. For an easy tutorial, click here.


Skill Level 0

If you are not au fait with a sewing machine, never fear – there are many things to do with old jeans which require no skill level at all. We love this denim rug because it’s created just with simple knots for a dramatic look that would look amazing in a living-room.  For a really original look, be sure to gather up lots of denims in different shades.


Denim Gift Tags

If you loved your old faithful denim, why not spread it around? These cute gift tag labels are so easy to do and really make a special statement for those you want to give a gift to. For an even more authentic look, why not consider wrapping the gift in denim too like this.

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